Self Care of the Energy Body

Understanding and taking care of ourselves on a  deeper level. Energy Magazine 2016.

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Published Works

Healing Touch and Hospice Care

Hospice clients are in a state of transition and many find great comfort with Healing Touch. Energy Magazine 2008.

How Healing Touch Has Changed My Life

My mentorship year with Janet Mentgen founder of Healing Touch. Energy Magazine 2006.

Personal Journey of Divine Remembering

Remembering mentors, guides, and teachers in traversing a life long journey of  energy work. Energy Magazine 2010.

Self Care Engaging the Back Side of the Human Chakra System

Supporting the integrations of the Back aspect of the chakra system with the front. Energy Magazine September 2016.

The Wisdom of the Backside Chakras

Insight on the back side aspect of the Chakra system. Energy Magazine 2014.

Transformational Healing
with Dr. Bonnie Morrow

Do you know the back side of your Chakras? A conversation with Franny Harcey.

Interview June 11th, 2015. on Voice America Talk Radio Network.

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In Memory of Reverend Rudy Noel

Saying farewell to my dear friend Rudy Noel. Energy Magazine 2012.