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Back Chakra Activation

This workshop provides energetic techniques to support people with anxiety, PTSD, depression, chronic illness, fatigue, acute pain. It also provides energetic support of the body for integrating the connection of front and back chakras. The back side of the chakra system is of key importance to unlocking the unconscious, opening to alternate realities, and embracing our dreams, premonitions and beliefs.

Curriculum: We will be discussing and learning the importance of working with the whole energy body, focusing on activating the back side of the chakra system. This activation complements other techniques in bringing balance to our energy system.

You will learn:
*Self Care of the Energy Body.
*An Energetic Body Balancing Technique that will support the integration of the front and back side of the chakras.
*Dialogue which will assist in finding the dis-resonant back chakras.
*A new activation and vibrational frequency that will clear old patterning from the back side of the chakras.
* To restore the template of the human energy system to support the sync up with your highest potential.

 "Golden Shadow Healing Center is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider number CEP-3285, for 6.5 contact hours credit.”

  • Contact hours credit are provided for a nominal $15.00 fee.
  • Accepted in most mandatory CE states for continuing education credit. Also accepted for many national certifications. Call for details, 1-800-743-4006.

Powerful work which I think will be useful with clients who have significant emotional, mental and spiritual challenges which they are having difficulty releasing. -P. N.

I have used the Back Chakra Activation techniques a number of times with different clients and it has been with amazing results - J.B.

I have used the techniques with clients and with good success rate. The work has brought past memories/issues to present awareness and we were able to work with them and get clarity. This has been very profound for one of my clients in particular for moving forward in life and becoming unstuck from old patterns. - C. K.