After working together for several years, Franny, Tim and Jeannette have been divinely guided to share their collective wisdom with you.  Through the synergy of their collaboration they have found it is possible to go much deeper into the work and this retreat represents a culmination of this fusion. Using a natural retreat setting, as a foundation for the space, all of the sessions, meditations and group work are designed to deepen your awareness of soul and self.  You will learn new healing techniques, esoteric work and increase your understanding of the crucial role played by biofields in all forms of energy medicine.  The collective nature of the group and the limited enrollment are also intended to increase your frequency and consciously expand the gifts you are here to share with the world.

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Tim McConville, HTCP/I, QM

Tim is certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor, teaching levels 1-4 of Healing Touch Program and the mentor training course. He teaches Cleansing Flow and other energy healing modalities as well. Tim teaches regularly in the Minneapolis area and Sweden and has taught in Nepal.  His intuitive healing work serves a wide variety of clients, which includes a private practice, in hospital and long term care settings.   He has also been involved with Integrative Medicine research at a local hospital.  He supports the Healing Touch community with leadership roles locally and nationally.  Tim also serves on the HTP certification board.  The work presented here has come through intuitive guidance.  Tim's strong presence supports and deepens the collaboration of spiritual work being brought forward in this 3-day retreat, and is excited to be a part of this venture with his long time colleagues.

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La Foret Conference and Retreat Center

6145 Shoup Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80908

We invite you to explore the beautiful landscape where we will be gathering.

Jeannette Nienaber, BSc., MEd., HTCP/I, ATP
Jeannette delivers a lively and inspiring classroom experience filled with wisdom and humor.  Her eclectic training provides a unique fusion of science and energy healing—topics about which she is equally passionate. Conceptual clarity with respect to both theory and techniques are pivotal to her goals of empowering others. Jeannette taught secondary school sciences for over 30 years and is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner /Instructor.  She serves on the Science Advisory and Certification Boards for Healing Touch Program and teaches Sue Hovland’s Anatomy for Healer. Her journey with Energy Medicine began over 35 years ago and has led her to continuously explore and train in many other modalities including: Reiki, Crystals, Angel Therapy, Mediumship, and Mysticism.   An avid student of Yoga and all things esoteric she is excited to be part of the fusion of this new workshop, “Embracing the Higher Frequencies of Healing”.


Franny Harcey,  HTCP, QM

Franny is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Qualified Mentor. She is the Founder/Owner of Golden Shadow Healing Center in Parker, CO where she teaches labyrinth and  energy awareness workshops.  Franny works with individuals interested in personal transformation, physical healing and soul evolution.  She has been on a spiritual journey since childhood and embraces the concepts that Alice A. Bailey and Torkom Saraydarian present in their extensive study and brings principles of these teachings to her work.  She has developed and teaches work that she was gifted through intuitive guidance. Franny is very excited to be part of this powerful collaboration being presented with her beloved colleagues.

Saturday October 21 - Monday October 23, 2017
La Foret Conference and Retreat Center
ARRIVAL TIME Saturday  at 9:00am  to sign in for housing and final registrations as we begin at 10:00am.  

We will conclude the workshop Monday  at 4:00pm.

*There are numerous hotels within 10 to 15 miles of the Retreat Center if arriving the night before.


     Fusing the Heart with Esoteric Healing, Sacred Geometry and Divine Consciousness: In this experiential workshop, the role of the heart as an essential bridge for deep, transformative work on self and others will be explored. This will be an interwoven theme leading to greater understanding and connection to your heart’s intuition and the wisdom of your soul.

This workshop interweaves and fuses these elements to support and empower each participant to achieve their highest possible frequencies.

Labyrinth – You will experience your inner labyrinth and expanded consciousness through the outer labyrinth.  The labyrinth is used in opening and closing ceremony and available for personal use throughout the weekend. 

Group work – In these lively and interactive presentations, you will explore the nature of bio-fields and their integrated role in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives. The pivotal role of the heart and how to optimize the healing response in self and others.  We will explore intuition, guidance and maintaining your new higher frequency as you walk in your daily life.

Extradimensional Clearing (Experiential) – Extradimensional is defined as coming from a dimension outside Einsteinian space-time.  This channeled work incorporates sacred geometry, to create shifts in frequency and crystalline structure.  Deep structural clearing releases our blocks and enhances alignment with spiritual purpose.  You will experience giving and receiving this work and leave with profound tools to enhance your practice.   

Advanced Back Chakra Activation (Experiential) - This channeled work incorporates the 3 important aspects of the chakra system, exploring the interweaving of the Front Side : “Working within the laws of this physical universe, this lifetime, and the conscious self.” Back Side:  “Imprints from past and alternative decisions, containing our dreams, premonitions and is the unconscious self.” The Center Point: “A doorway to different dimensions, ‘All That Is’, an interface with the front and back aspects.”  In experiencing giving and receiving this work, a new harmonics and activation process will be presented to clear old patterns and “unseen” aspects of “self”.  We will incorporate sacred geometry for self-care and tools to enhance your healing practice.


"Golden Shadow Healing Center is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider number CEP-3285, for 22 contact hours credit.”
*Contact hours credit are provided for a nominal $15.00 fee.
*Accepted in most mandatory CE states for continuing education credit. Also accepted for many national certifications. Call for details, 1-800-743-4006.